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10/10/2013 a las 09:50  [respuesta]  "Dance With Me" movie Font

funny, i am currently listening to :

10/10/2013 a las 09:49  [respuesta]  Font of Friboi

09/10/2013 a las 14:51  [respuesta]  Whats the font?

08/10/2013 a las 13:52  [respuesta]  font request

write to to buy it

Fuente identificada: Monika

08/10/2013 a las 13:49  [respuesta]  What is this jagged/blocky font?

Fuente identificada: Clarendon

08/10/2013 a las 13:47  [respuesta]  Cursive font?

Script, and Small Caps

Fuente identificada: Bello

08/10/2013 a las 10:04  [respuesta]  Trouble using font

are you sure you unzipped the font in a separate folder or on your desktop before installing it ?
most of the problems come from people installing the font straight from the zip file, just opening the zip then the font, without really unzipping it first.

does the font appear in your font book ?

07/10/2013 a las 14:18  [respuesta]  impossible de télécharger les polices


07/10/2013 a las 14:17  [respuesta]  Alter Ego

07/10/2013 a las 14:15  [respuesta]  Whats the font?

07/10/2013 a las 13:49  [respuesta]  impossible de télécharger les polices

Yo Chewiee
tu es sans doute en wifi ?
si oui branche-toi, tu n'auras trčs probablement plus ce problčme.

07/10/2013 a las 09:03  [respuesta]  Whats the font?

it's more like a kid writing than a font

06/10/2013 a las 20:04  [respuesta]  FUENTE?

Fuente sugerida: Futura Condensed Extra Black  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

04/10/2013 a las 15:48  [respuesta]  Ünkut

01/10/2013 a las 11:21  [respuesta]  font type identification

3 different G
2 different A
2 different N
that's why i say "probably not a font"

01/10/2013 a las 09:50  [respuesta]  font type identification

GOYANG NGAM probably not a font

30/09/2013 a las 15:04  [respuesta]  Which font is this?

i hope you can see the difference with the first image you posted :

oh yeah, just saw this. The Love Songs thing.

if you don't have a scanner, search on google image, but please use their "image size" option (dont take the smallest image you can find then enlarge it in photoshop, we will delete it again)

(btw, your 3 topics were deleted by 3 different persons, and we didn't talk to each other before doing so. So yeah, it was fuzzy / crappy / shitty, whatever you call it)

Editado el 30/09/2013 a las 14:38 por daaams

did you reveive an email, saying the image was crappy, or something like that ?

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