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04/06/2014 a las 16:26  [respuesta]  fontname of foodpanda?

bitte sehr !
oh, another damien !

04/06/2014 a las 16:20  [respuesta]  fontname of foodpanda?

Fuente identificada: Harabara

04/06/2014 a las 14:49  [respuesta]  name of this font please

rijubarman ha dicho  
yes I know it Is Not a font But.....How to Make handwritten
Pls help.... Any0ne pls Answare mY Qution..... Pls Guys

just grab a pen and a paper
and stop being dumb with your "cool", "wow", "awesome font" and shit like that

04/06/2014 a las 11:50  [respuesta]  How it possible?

For the moment, there are no diacritics, cyrillic, greek,... in the character table of dafont.

04/06/2014 a las 01:26  [respuesta]  help

Fuente identificada: Arnold Boecklin

03/06/2014 a las 14:59  [respuesta]  BASTILLE

(colored backgrounds are not used anymore)
scroll down for letters being used now (uppercase & loweracse)

(it's better on the french side of wikipedia, sorry)

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03/06/2014 a las 11:52  [respuesta]  What's the "disco" font in this?

Fuente identificada: Bira

29/05/2014 a las 14:55  [respuesta]  Font pleeease !

Fuente identificada: Anime Ace BB

26/05/2014 a las 12:11  [respuesta]  What the font?

Fuente identificada: Eurostile

22/05/2014 a las 15:51  [respuesta]  Help identify please

you're welcome

22/05/2014 a las 14:51  [respuesta]  Help identify please

22/05/2014 a las 14:49  [respuesta]  Help identify please

reminds me the Stussy logo...
i know it's not the good font, but it might be interesting if you're not looking for an exact match

Fuente sugerida: Stussy Script

21/05/2014 a las 19:31  [respuesta]  Trading Fonts For Personal Use

what do you call learning purpose ?

- if it's about reading, there are tons of legal legible free fonts ==> I don't know why it should be OK to "trade commercial fonts" in this case.

- if it's not about reading, i don't know what you mean by "learning purposes" ==> I don't know why it should be OK to "trade commercial fonts" in this case.

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21/05/2014 a las 17:18  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Harabara

21/05/2014 a las 12:29  [respuesta]  Identification

un peu petit pour juger

Fuente identificada: Impact

21/05/2014 a las 10:21  [respuesta]  What is this font name ?

Old Money by ArtistMike

Fuente identificada: Old Money

21/05/2014 a las 10:19  [respuesta]  THIS IS A FONT!

Heron2001 ha dicho  
Not one of the Rs, As, or Ts match up to each other.

There are 2 similar As

21/05/2014 a las 10:17  [respuesta]  THIS IS A FONT!

ssmith12589 ha dicho  
After doing some studying on fonts. I Discovered that this is a font.

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