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26/03/2015 a las 12:27  [respuesta]  Font?

"My fonts are not allowed for: TV / Cinema / Sex content / Politics / Religion."

25/03/2015 a las 17:11  [respuesta]  Typo "Le voyage à nantes"

tout se trouve gratuitement, pour qui n'en a rien à foutre du droit d'auteur et ne craint pas les tribunaux.

24/03/2015 a las 17:15  [respuesta]  what is this font please ?

which this ? this one or that one ?

24/03/2015 a las 17:14  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Wherever you may take the images from, i think the design will still be the same.
I wasn't talking about image quality.

If you only need a few numbers and don't need the font, just use Illustrator or any vector software.
Use Photoshop or Paint if you don't know what you're doing.

24/03/2015 a las 16:06  [respuesta]  What font is this?

my idea would be to use a regular "western" font, then destroy it to make it look like it was drawn by a drunken blind kid.

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24/03/2015 a las 15:12  [respuesta]  What font is this?

24/03/2015 a las 11:08  [respuesta]  change to pay not free
- click on "update" next to your font name
- chose license type

(that's all you can do. It won't prevent people from downloading it for free if that's what you wanted to do)

23/03/2015 a las 15:28  [respuesta]  Help :(

typographic turd

20/03/2015 a las 15:28  [respuesta]  Je recherche cette police

Most of the fonts by this designer look like this "calligraphic" design

allez hop !
j'pense que c'est ce que tu recherches... :

sinon :

Editado el 19/03/2015 a las 19:09 por daaams

et ton soft de facturation c'est quoi ? il ne gère pas les casses ?

car c'est la plus standard et celle qui est la plus adaptée pour la facturation.

ah ? tu peux nous en dire plus ?

19/03/2015 a las 15:37  [respuesta]  G BLOCK

Fuente identificada: Impact

19/03/2015 a las 15:35  [respuesta]  Fourmann

Fuente identificada: Block

tophy52 ha dicho  
Simplifie-toi la vie. A moins que le client demande vraiment de l'Helvetica, remplace la par de l'Arial

Stop now with this image... if people have an answer, they will post it in the appropriate topic.
No need to open a new topic again and again in the different forums (except if you plan to be banned).

there are more than 20 000 fonts on this website.
If you can't post a sample, ou explain properly the design of the font, i'm sorry you'll have to find it by yourself.
Only you can find it.

Use the Themes page to find it more easily.

13/03/2015 a las 15:41  [respuesta]  Anyone know this?

Fuente sugerida: Antique Olive Nord Italic

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