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31/10/2014 a las 18:38  [respuesta]  Please help!!

just because that's the one that came to my mind

31/10/2014 a las 17:39  [respuesta]  Please help!!

Fuente sugerida: Fette Unz Fraktur

sorry, i can't help you, this metal (?) effect melted my eyes !

Fuente sugerida: Impact Bold Condensed

28/10/2014 a las 10:49  [respuesta]  wat is the DOGTOWN font?

28/10/2014 a las 10:38  [respuesta]  Cheese or Font?

ha ha

27/10/2014 a las 16:30  [respuesta]  What Font?

Fuente identificada: Arial Italic

27/10/2014 a las 16:25  [respuesta]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

i think he just has shitty files in his Fonts folder that make the OS think they're Bodoni.
You should clean your Fonts folder mess, and everything should be fine.

27/10/2014 a las 16:23  [respuesta]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  (ver el post)
The guy had trouble with a font on his phone, so he deleted fonts from his PC.

i'm not native english speaker, but where did he say he had trouble with a font on his phone ?
I understand it works perfectly on the phone, but not on the computer...

27/10/2014 a las 15:10  [respuesta]  Moretti font?

yeah, custom version of FQ Bold

27/10/2014 a las 10:25  [respuesta]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

23/10/2014 a las 16:35  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Yanone Kaffeesatz

22/10/2014 a las 12:05  [respuesta]  What's the fonts used in this text?

Fuente identificada: Arial Bold

Editado el 22/10/2014 a las 15:33 por drf

22/10/2014 a las 11:47  [respuesta]  Coiff&Co Font please

17/10/2014 a las 18:28  [respuesta]  melting fonts

Fuente identificada: Meltdown MF

16/10/2014 a las 09:05  [respuesta]  CSS script for fonts

SteveHi ha dicho  (ver el post)
At that point, still in the early stages, I was not interested in the text content, just in laying the bones of the site structure!

15/10/2014 a las 19:21  [respuesta]  CSS script for fonts

isn't this picture what we're supposed to see ? i screenshot it. Don't have the font on my pc.

half the job maybe, but 100% diarrhea the day after

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