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02/09/2012 a las 11:37  [respuesta]  What Font is this? Help please.

Wasn't this Stone Sans ?

Ok, I'm going back to sleep

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02/09/2012 a las 11:36  [respuesta]  VIETNAM font ??? plz

Modified "A" ?

Fuente identificada: Strasua

02/09/2012 a las 11:32  [respuesta]  IDENTIFY?

And also, give the girl a burger, she really needs it.

01/09/2012 a las 22:22  [respuesta]  "Mihai Nesu Foundation" font name?

Exactly, we're completely going off-topic, but that's not a problem, is it ?

01/09/2012 a las 22:21  [respuesta]  Help on finding what font this is..

Fuente identificada: Revue

01/09/2012 a las 22:19  [respuesta]  "Mihai Nesu Foundation" font name?

Crossposting again

01/09/2012 a las 22:19  [respuesta]  "Mihai Nesu Foundation" font name?

Almost everyone who talked with you about this is a moderator

Yes, of course, it is an identification forum, but since your case is considered to be solved - you said the font suggested by SashiX was ok for you - well we allowed ourselves to talk some more

01/09/2012 a las 21:21  [respuesta]  DOES ANYONE KNOW THE FONT?!?!?

ahh! YOU'RE WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333

01/09/2012 a las 21:20  [respuesta]  Font help please !

Fuente identificada: Verner

01/09/2012 a las 21:15  [respuesta]  DOES ANYONE KNOW THE FONT?!?!?

Aaaw, poor you

Fuente identificada: KG Strawberry Limeade

01/09/2012 a las 20:53  [respuesta]  What font is this? Help!

Ah, inspiration Never knows where it comes from ! You're welcome

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01/09/2012 a las 20:49  [respuesta]  What font is this? Help!

Well, it's not this font because it's been released today, but it should definitely do the trick

Fuente sugerida: Press any key to continue

01/09/2012 a las 20:47  [respuesta]  any info please,,,,

And honestly, if you saw one illegal link that has been given by anyone since you came back, please show it to me, because it would mean we missed it, so it would be my pleasure to change it.

01/09/2012 a las 20:40  [respuesta]  What Font is?

Fuente identificada: Ballpark Weiner

01/09/2012 a las 20:30  [respuesta]  any info please,,,,

Hmm... I think eaglefonts actually lists the fonts, says they're commercial, and doesn't give any link to download them. At least, that's what I (think I) know

It hasn't changed, Jackie, that's what I'm 100% sure eaglefonts doesn't belong to the Blacklist.

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01/09/2012 a las 20:07  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Homestead

01/09/2012 a las 19:50  [respuesta]  Heeeeelp!!!! ;)

Fuente identificada: Covered By Your Grace

01/09/2012 a las 19:17  [respuesta]  "Mihai Nesu Foundation" font name?

I think everyone was referring to Vlad Țepeș when talking about Dracula

In an Irish pub in Bucharest, they had this t-shirt "Even Dracula came from Ireland"

01/09/2012 a las 19:04  [respuesta]  "Mihai Nesu Foundation" font name?

Malvolio, trust me, nobody cares about being associated with Dracula. At least there

01/09/2012 a las 17:41  [respuesta]  Sketch Block

Ok, I thought it only "looked" bold. Anyway, the style is indeed "Bold", but still, it's the only Sketch Block available here.

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