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27/08/2012 a las 09:56  [respuesta]  HELP.

Fuente identificada: Pea Amy Jo Jo

27/08/2012 a las 09:50  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Fuente identificada: Dock 11

27/08/2012 a las 09:44  [respuesta]  Help me!

Fuente identificada: Brick by Boring Brick

27/08/2012 a las 09:43  [respuesta]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

27/08/2012 a las 09:39  [respuesta]  Help ID Font Please

Rocamaco doesn't give that kind of information, he's like a spy under torture, never leaves a word

26/08/2012 a las 22:34  [respuesta]  Font ID please

You're welcome

26/08/2012 a las 22:29  [respuesta]  We will Rock you font?

You're welcome

26/08/2012 a las 22:15  [respuesta]  Amar y Querer Font

Fuente identificada: La Portenia De La Boca

26/08/2012 a las 22:13  [respuesta]  Sans Serif Banner Font

You're welcome

26/08/2012 a las 22:09  [respuesta]  Sans Serif Banner Font

Fuente identificada: Age

26/08/2012 a las 22:06  [respuesta]  Help me find this typeface please!

Yeah, now we take their hands and hug them, and all we ever get is "WHERE CAN I GET THIS FONT FOR FREE LOL" or something like that

26/08/2012 a las 22:02  [respuesta]  Help me find this typeface please!

Rocamaco is always nice to the ladies

26/08/2012 a las 22:00  [respuesta]  We will Rock you font?

Now that I'm looking at it again, I think it's only made of this font. The "W" are made out of the "v", the "l" from "will" are made out of the "l" (which is an uppercase L in the font). Maybe the "i" is made out of an "l" too, but not sure about this one.

26/08/2012 a las 21:22  [respuesta]  We will Rock you font?

Mix of fonts ?

Fuente identificada: The Quiet Scream

26/08/2012 a las 18:58  [respuesta]  Name of these two fonts?

"Welcome to"

Fuente identificada: Wisdom Script

26/08/2012 a las 18:42  [respuesta]  Ontario

I can't really say, @rocamaco, I was only 16 days old back then

26/08/2012 a las 18:31  [respuesta]  Ontario

Fontish is my 11 years old friend who doesn't know Lionel Richie

Yeah, then, it hurts.

26/08/2012 a las 18:29  [respuesta]  Photography

I have a bunch of Chinese children who work in my basement finding fonts for me all day

26/08/2012 a las 17:56  [respuesta]  this font

Fuente identificada: Ink In The Meat

26/08/2012 a las 17:01  [respuesta]  WHAT FONT IS THAT?

Except for the € sign.

Fuente identificada: Reporter

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