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24/03/2017 a las 11:45  [respuesta]  need font please

Fuente identificada: Gun School

23/03/2017 a las 10:03  [respuesta]  Please Help

22/03/2017 a las 14:41  [respuesta]  Free for personal use and churches

You can only be sure if you ask the author of the font you want to use. Every author might have a different answer to that question.

17/03/2017 a las 18:45  [respuesta]  IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHICH FONT

17/03/2017 a las 18:39  [respuesta]  IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHICH FONT

Fuente identificada: Museo Sans Rounded

17/03/2017 a las 18:12  [respuesta]  help this font!

Fuente identificada: Cubano

17/03/2017 a las 18:00  [respuesta]  Font Identification (Jenn Im's vlog)

Fuente identificada: Cubano

There is no general answer to this question. You need to contact the author of the font you will choose.

17/03/2017 a las 15:12  [respuesta]  ¿Porque no puedo postear?

Now it's fine

17/03/2017 a las 13:17  [respuesta]  ¿Porque no puedo postear?

You are not using a better image, but the same image. This is why you can't post it again.

16/03/2017 a las 11:19  [respuesta]  Delete comments

You're welcome!

16/03/2017 a las 11:05  [respuesta]  Delete comments


14/03/2017 a las 16:08  [respuesta]  BODY TEXT FONT

Cheers mate

14/03/2017 a las 15:03  [respuesta]  BODY TEXT FONT

Fuente identificada: Omniscript

13/03/2017 a las 17:03  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Can you post the link to your image here please?

09/03/2017 a las 10:50  [respuesta]  Purpose tour font

Baki, your last message was deleted. Last warning, learn to behave, you can't just randomly insult people around here.

28/02/2017 a las 13:06  [respuesta]  police JLL

Fuente identificada: Golden Plains

You're welcome! So, I didn't find anything, but like I said, I'm not an expert. I have tried embedding it in a PDF and it worked fine (I don't have InDesign either though). Sorry I can't help you more!

Sure, you can send it to the email address that shows up on my profile. I am not really on expert for these things, but who knows?

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