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03/02/2016 a las 17:44  [respuesta]  Anyone know what this font is?

Fuente identificada: Clear Line

03/02/2016 a las 15:33  [respuesta]  PLZ PLZ Name this font!

Fuente identificada: Ringbearer

Fuente identificada: Video Star

03/02/2016 a las 14:55  [respuesta]  BQ Font

Fuente identificada: Akkurat Mono

03/02/2016 a las 09:48  [respuesta]  hi can u help me

Fuente identificada: Code Predators

Yes, it's a commercial font. If you need to use it, you'll have to buy it.

02/02/2016 a las 14:06  [respuesta]  singapore jazz festival

02/02/2016 a las 14:05  [respuesta]  name of font

It's indeed an old version

02/02/2016 a las 10:04  [respuesta]  Font Please!!! Thanks!!!

Fuente sugerida: Broadway

30/01/2016 a las 16:11  [respuesta]  Why my font was refused?

You're welcome!

30/01/2016 a las 13:38  [respuesta]  Can I use these fonts in my flash game free?

Every author has his/her own definition of personal and commercial use, so unfortunately, this is the only thing to do.

Sometimes you can find the information in the .zip file because the author added it (a "readme" text file, a pdf, anything).

If no information is available, you should try to contact the author (website, email address, contact form, social networks, anything).

If you REALLY can't contact the author or if he/she doesn't answer, well at least you tried. If the author gets back to you much later and complains, you can always show the email you sent for example.

Everything is written here:

30/01/2016 a las 13:32  [respuesta]  Why my font was refused?

Hello, sorry it hasn't been reviewed yet but it will be soon don't worry.

30/01/2016 a las 12:31  [respuesta]  Can I use these fonts in my flash game free?

You should contact the authors to be sure about it.

30/01/2016 a las 11:50  [respuesta]  Font please

It uses alternates.

30/01/2016 a las 09:50  [respuesta]  hi can u help me

Fuente identificada: Ringbearer

30/01/2016 a las 09:31  [respuesta]  Connaissez-vous cette police ?

Fuente identificada: TeknikohlRemix

29/01/2016 a las 11:45  [respuesta]  HELP!!!

Fuente identificada: Surfing Capital

29/01/2016 a las 10:44  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Museo Slab

29/01/2016 a las 10:04  [respuesta]  Can you please help me? ^^

Fuente identificada: Gotham

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