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09/03/2017 a las 10:50  [respuesta]  Purpose tour font

Baki, your last message was deleted. Last warning, learn to behave, you can't just randomly insult people around here.

28/02/2017 a las 13:06  [respuesta]  police JLL

Fuente identificada: Golden Plains

You're welcome! So, I didn't find anything, but like I said, I'm not an expert. I have tried embedding it in a PDF and it worked fine (I don't have InDesign either though). Sorry I can't help you more!

Sure, you can send it to the email address that shows up on my profile. I am not really on expert for these things, but who knows?

Hi Steve,

For what it's worth, I've had a similar issue in the past, but we didn't manage to find a solution. The person uninstalled the font, then installed it again, and for some reason it worked. This being said, I haven't seen your font file so there is still a possibility that something is indeed wrong in it, or it could be just a glitch.

24/02/2017 a las 15:49  [respuesta]  please help

Fuente sugerida: Adventure

Which font are you talking about?

20/02/2017 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  What's the problem with my requests ?

It is really hard to answer your question, it really depends on the situation, and every picture is different. The golden rules are: one font request per thread (although, there are small exceptions) and no manipulated image.

20/02/2017 a las 18:18  [respuesta]  What's the problem with my requests ?

Opening a jpeg image in a photo editor can alter its quality. Like I said, your images are manipulated at some point, and as it is stated on this page, this is not accepted.

20/02/2017 a las 18:12  [respuesta]  What's the problem with my requests ?

Your images are manipulated/enlarged at some point. You should only post the original/unmanipulated image.

20/02/2017 a las 17:56  [respuesta]  Need to know what font this is.

Fuente identificada: Crackhouse

20/02/2017 a las 15:50  [respuesta]  Merci pour votre aide !! 😉

Fuente identificada: Earth

You have already posted an answer to the same request here:

If this request wasn't solved, and you already participated in it, there is no need to create another topic with the same request.

17/02/2017 a las 18:00  [respuesta]  Remember titanic Instagram quotes

I just recognized it

17/02/2017 a las 14:02  [respuesta]  quelle est cette police ?

Fabredanielle ha dicho  
Ma demande de ce matin ayant disparu, je la renouvelle...
Quelqu'un peut-il reconnaître cette police de caractčre ?
Merci d'avance pour votre aide

Elle n'a pas disparu, elle a été enlevée car l'image postée était agrandie ou manipulée, ce qui n'est pas autorisé comme précisé sur la page qui permet de poster un nouveau message.

17/02/2017 a las 13:10  [respuesta]  Fuente?

Fuente identificada: Devil Breeze

17/02/2017 a las 11:24  [respuesta]  Remember titanic Instagram quotes

Fuente identificada: American Purpose

16/02/2017 a las 10:31  [respuesta]  font identifier

Hi, it doesn't show up because it's been deleted. That's because the image was enlarged/manipulated at some point. You should have received an email explaining this. You should take the original image with no manipulation whatsoever.

15/02/2017 a las 13:43  [respuesta]  Hilton Font

15/02/2017 a las 12:16  [respuesta]  Font like buildings

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