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10/03/2016 a las 09:27  [respuesta]  font please?

Fuente identificada: Phosphate

09/03/2016 a las 17:57  [respuesta]  its urgent

09/03/2016 a las 17:14  [respuesta]  Help please

Fuente identificada: OCR-A

09/03/2016 a las 14:23  [respuesta]  Police fine et élégante

Fuente identificada: Helvetica Neue

09/03/2016 a las 14:21  [respuesta]  Kill Em With Kindness font?

Fuente identificada: True Lies

09/03/2016 a las 12:10  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Lobster

09/03/2016 a las 12:10  [respuesta]  Identification police

Fuente identificada: Colleged

08/03/2016 a las 17:02  [respuesta]  Please help identify

Fuente identificada: Slim

It's a commercial font, so people here won't probably have it, so they won't be able to test it. You have more chances of finding a solution by asking MyFonts.

You can try Adobe products if you're looking for something good for every kind of need.

No, it's just that if you bought something on MyFonts, the first thing to do is to contact their customer service if something went wrong with your order.

08/03/2016 a las 15:53  [respuesta]  need help identifying this font please.

Fuente identificada: Fontdinerdotcom Huggable

08/03/2016 a las 14:46  [respuesta]  THIS FRONT ???

08/03/2016 a las 13:22  [respuesta]  Help! Mr Wonderful

It's a commercial font, if you need to use it, you have to buy it.

08/03/2016 a las 12:13  [respuesta]  Help identify this font


Fuente identificada: SF Collegiate

08/03/2016 a las 11:54  [respuesta]  What is this?

08/03/2016 a las 10:47  [respuesta]  its urgent

Fuente identificada: Colleged

08/03/2016 a las 10:44  [respuesta]  Police

Fuente identificada: Atelas

08/03/2016 a las 09:56  [respuesta]  Simmilar font plz!

Have you tried contacting MyFonts directly? They have a customer service as far as I know.

08/03/2016 a las 09:11  [respuesta]  Could I be sued for unknown use of font?

Well, technically it's not impossible, even if the freelancer should be to blame. If you need an accurate answer, you should really contact a lawyer though.

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