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Fuente identificada: Courier New

Fuente identificada: Waltograph

15/06/2016 a las 19:59   Font

4:Nineteen is a medical marijuana dispensary in Bozeman, Montana.

Fuente identificada: Cabbagetown

Fuente identificada: Vineta

The name is shown above the character map in the graphic. It's on this page:

Fuente identificada: Jasper Daniels

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It's Clementine Sketch, and it's free.

Fuente identificada: Clementine Sketch

Fuente identificada: Impact Label

21/02/2014 a las 21:37   urgent!

Fuente identificada: Cooper Black

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Previously identified here:

Fuente identificada: Strangelove Text

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11/02/2013 a las 07:53   Sex.

It looks like Lobster, with an ex ligature.

Fuente identificada: Lobster

Fuente identificada: Comic Dandy

R.S.V.P. = JF Ringmaster.

Fuente identificada: JF Ringmaster

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Fuente identificada: Scriptina

Fuente identificada: Harlow

Fuente identificada: Times New Roman

It's a mix of Capitals and lower case, with some modifications, possibly from version 1 and 2. The graphic in this request is exactly the same as the one made by the font author, with the colours inverted:

Alice In Wonderland

Fuente identificada: Alice in Wonderland

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18/12/2012 a las 06:35   help?

Impact Label. I think the comma is being used as the apostrophe.

Fuente identificada: Impact Label

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Waltograph Is Name For Font AND A In LAND Is Alteration.

Fuente identificada: Waltograph

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Fuente identificada: Alice in Wonderland

13/09/2010 a las 15:35   BANANAS

tophy52 ha dicho  
I have a match under the name of Herkules Regular
but can't find it at MyFonts or on commercial sites.

Is this the one you mean, tophy52?

The reason you wouldn't find that one on commercial sites is because it's a free font by Dieter Steffmann.

(you get the point, if this is positively identified).

Fuente identificada: Herkules

Editado el 13/09/2010 a las 15:37 por metaphasebrothel

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