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26/08/2014 a las 07:59  [respuesta]  free fonts open as demo only

Try right-clicking on the font file, instead of double-clicking.Double-click opens. Right-click gives you an options menu.

22/08/2014 a las 17:38  [respuesta]  marie claire

Cyril Hanouna ha dicho  (ver el post)
Je connais pas la police, mais la fille ressemble ŕ Enora en plus moche.

C'est lui, le gars nous avons plaisanté sur le forum des mods!

22/08/2014 a las 04:22  [respuesta]  How long?

Jaynz ha dicho  (ver el post)
And, not really. Tourists, Hollywood, and the internet are NOT good measures of what Americans are like. You see the most spoiled and entitled of us and they're presented as representative of EVERYONE here.

But it could be a lot worse. Could be Spain.

I don't think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is broadcast in The Netherlands.

22/08/2014 a las 00:12  [respuesta]  Nothings working

koeiekat ha dicho  (ver el post)
What the hell is a reed, apart from the Reed Elsevier publishing house wise owl The italic formatting must have gone over your head.

21/08/2014 a las 22:39  [respuesta]  Nothings working

Duh, the guy want to put fonts on his phone for text messaging. Can't you guys reed?

20/08/2014 a las 00:21  [respuesta]  How long?

koeiekat ha dicho  (ver el post)
It is what one delivers in the other 41 weeks, including weekends and being available 80 hours a week ...

jenmaton, could you post one or more images, preferably in .png file type, showing a sample of a capital letter, a lower case letter, a number, and a symbol? What is the file type of your vectors? This would help some designers in determining if they would like to do this, and if the software they use would allow them to do it. If at least one image is a screen capture of a vector you've created, someone could gauge how long the job would take.

drf ha dicho  (ver el post)
Just out of curiosity, what kind of error/problem can you get with "Contours with unknown (or incorrect) direction"?

Youthful errors, if you're not wearing protection.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but did you try to send e-mail to Daniel at both the account shown in his profile, and the one in the contact information on his blogspot page, (on the right hand side, about mid page?). That one's more likely to be in current use.

As if the pre installed fonts change much from one Windows OS to the next...

jbroman22 ha dicho  (ver el post)
Looking for the font Copperplate

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knows if the font Copperplate is available on I have searched for it with no luck. If anyone knows of where I could find the font or a similar font to Copperplate please let me know. Thanks in advance.



Did you check in your operating system? There are two weights in the XP standard fonts.

12/08/2014 a las 02:41  [respuesta]  Worst font ever?

GeronimoFonts ha dicho  (ver el post)
How about these?

Dissing 100% Free fonts isn't cool, son. Maybe you should stick with the garbage fonts that have a licensing fee for commercial use, but aren't worth the disk space that the .zips fill.

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sterlingfink ha dicho  (ver el post)
metaphasebrothel: I want to contact them so that I can donate because this font is listed as donationware, and also to get in writing that they are really OK with me making money off their font. koeiekat: I have no idea what you are talking about...

Good Bye Lullaby is not Donationware. Donationware means that you have to pay for commercial use, but the user determines the amount. This font is 100% Free, with the option of making a donation to the author.

koeiekat is suggesting that SBA Factory doesn't actually design the fonts they release, they 'borrow' from other designers.

Why would you need to contact them? The font is 100% Free. Just use it, and perform a random act of kindness for a stranger, like the designer did for you.

31/07/2014 a las 08:27  [respuesta]  Commercial Use Fonts

1) Click the link near the tom, upper left, for Themes.

2) Click on the link for the category you want to browse.

3) Near the top of the page, far right, beside the Submit button, is a link named More Options. Click it.

4) Put check marks in the boxes for 'Public Domain/ GPL' and '100 Free' The displayed results will show the fonts that you can use without having to pay for a commercial use license.

21/07/2014 a las 22:08  [respuesta]  Share A Coke Font

Looks like the work of Keith Morris:

19/07/2014 a las 11:37  [respuesta]  I need this font please!

Fuente identificada: Impact Label

She may also have meant free for commercial use fonts. Derika was asking about this on behalf of a friend, who 'maybe ... can't afford to purchase a commercial use font right at the moment.' That doesn't necessarily mean that Derika's friend wants to use flourishes from a commercial font, without purchasing a license. It does mean that she would like to have some fleuron fonts that can be downloaded for free. You may be correct, but you are not necessarily correct. I just don't you to have to use the head banging smiley again, when one of your pontifications has been proven false.

Editado el 18/07/2014 a las 11:25 por metaphasebrothel

You just aren't as fluent in North American vaguespeak as I am, kat. I think Derika just wants some ornaments that can be downloaded for free, but her syntax is imprecise, hence confusion is caused among those to whom North American English is not their first language.

Editado el 18/07/2014 a las 11:07 por metaphasebrothel

Derika, try looking though the Dingbats -> Shapes Theme, here at DaFont: There are a lot of free or free for personal use fonts with these sorts of decorative elements, often referred to as flourishes or fleurons.

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