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These numbers appear to be hand drawn. Note the difference in width for the lower portion of the second five, (yellow line):

17/07/2016 a las 06:40  [respuesta]  JACK DANIELS

Fuente sugerida: Jasper Daniels

Fuente identificada: Vineta

14/07/2016 a las 18:40  [respuesta]  What is this font???

Fuente identificada: Algerian

13/07/2016 a las 09:55  [respuesta]  'Better'

It isn't Shadowed Serif, Outstanding, nor Cameo Antique, all of which are based on the same Light Shade design, from 1874. They're all much wider, relative to height.

The original font of this design is NigelSade SH. Cameo Antique uses the same vectors as NigelSade SH, with an outine version added for the caps, and some encoding errors corrected. Shadowed Serif and Outstanding are different digital versions of Light Shade.

It looks like the text sample uses one of these fonts, (most likely not Shadowed Serif), with the vertical increased or the horizontal decreased, without changing the other.

Text at 72 points, Cameo Antique:

The same text, with vertical increased to 130%, horizontal unchanged:

Cabbagetown has height to width proportions more similar to the text sample:

In fact, the first step I did in redesigning this alphabet for Cabbagetown was to reduce the width of my monochrome bitmap source graphics from Outstanding to 75%, before making many additional changes.

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Fuente identificada: Courier New

21/06/2016 a las 07:10  [respuesta]  SHAVED ICE FONT

Fuente identificada: Waltograph

Colours inverted:

15/06/2016 a las 19:59  [respuesta]  Font

4:Nineteen is a medical marijuana dispensary in Bozeman, Montana.

Fuente identificada: Cabbagetown

15/06/2016 a las 19:56  [respuesta]  font pls ? :)

Colours inverted:

15/06/2016 a las 10:20  [respuesta]  Please Help :(

Fuente identificada: Vineta

04/12/2015 a las 23:58  [respuesta]  jack daniel's

The name is shown above the character map in the graphic. It's on this page:

Fuente identificada: Jasper Daniels

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Read this thread:

My post #6 shows the different locations in a font file for single and double quotations, left and right.

The single and double quotes from the Lauren C. Brown font probably appear when typed in Notepad, but not in other apps, because the font author didn't add glyphs in the other positions.

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08/03/2015 a las 07:46  [respuesta]  Greek Type Designers?

Your first stop for inquiries by designer's country of origin should be Luc Devroye's pages:

Zan00 ha dicho  
Technical Legal Questions Regarding Font Modification

Say I use a Font that doesn't have permission to be used commercially, and in some cases has to be paid for or isn't available at all.

Say I put them in a Vector software and convert it to curves and modify the font heavily where it's no longer recognizable as the original font, does the new font count as my creation even though I'm working off of the base of the original one that isn't mine?

And at what point is there enough modification to count it exclusively as your own creation? What if you create a font from scratch using a font creation software and by some small slim chance, someone out there has a font a bit similar to yours? What then?


You don't ever have the right to modify the vectors in someone else' font to create a new one of your own, no matter how different yours might be. If you want to make your own variation od someone else' font, print and scan text samples, make new vectors, and modify them, but don't alter an existing font.

You can't sprinkle parsley flakes on KFC, and pretend it's your fried chicken recipe. What you're suggesting is legally no different than that.

I love ScanFont 3, from FontLab, but they don't sell it anymore, it doesn't work with Windows Operating Systems more recent than XP, and some windows automatic update from February, 2014 caused it to stop working, so I had to get another computer with XP, that isn't connected to the Internet, to continue my work.

ScanFont 3 has nothing in common with ScanFont 5, currently sold. SF3 is a stand alone .ttf editor. SF5 is a plug-in for FontLab Studio.

My procedure is much different from most other designers. I work with imported monochrome bitmaps. I have several fonr editing programs, but I use ScanFont 3 for almost everything, other than adjustments to vertical metrics, or changing embedding settings.

Aidos ha dicho  
extra characters at the end of my font

I downloaded 'Ugly Qua', and I get 'ff' at the end of each line of type. Why is this happening? And is there anything I can do to stop it?

Are you sure that's not a Pilcrow? Do you have paragraph markers enabled in MS Word?

Manfred Klein last answered e-mails in February, 2008. I may have been the recipient of his last e-mail correspondence. He attached a couple of fonts to his reply to me, that were never published on the Internet, and he didn't reply to my follow up.

06/03/2015 a las 07:30  [respuesta]  Font Trubble

datterichexpress ha dicho  
Hi there,

I found her on Twitter, and wrote her. In case she does not answer, anyone who can change that Font for me and send it per E-Mail? I have no clue how to to this

Have a nice Day!

No one is going to alter someone else' font for you, Anja. That would be both illegal and unethical.

I can't be the only one who didn't immediately realize that Trubble was the font name, and not just poor spelling of "Trouble". You should put the font name in the text, Anja, rather than just in the subject line. You do have a clue how to do that.

mnewland ha dicho  

Thank you, for the polite, professional reply. I guess it didn't matter which font it was, just the generic "100% free" designation that was posted. I appreciate the info, thank you very much.


Michael, just don't assume that a font at DaFont is 100% free, unless specifically designated as such. Many older fonts uploaded by someone other than the designer have no license inmformation, because no one knows the terms of use. Sometimes the author is deceased, or has long since ceased to use the e-mail address shown in documentation.

koeiekat does have a valid point - you should have named the font in question. Many here know specific information about certain fonts or designers. There's no valid reason why you shouldn't have been more specific about the font of which you were discussing. Vague questions prompt vague responses.

mnewland ha dicho  
100% free or is there hidden costs or undisclosed charges.


The font is listed as "100% free",I am unable to find anything else that says there may be charges if I use the font for business purposes. I am trying to do the right thing, be respectful, and attempt to contact the author. I did leave a comment on the font page for the author, requesting terms and conditions, if they do exist. Any advice? Thanks, Michael in AZ.

100% Free means exactly that. The font author has preauthorized the font for all use. You do not need permission to use it commercially. Sometimes the font designer wants to avoid inquiries like yours, after completing the work, and giving it away, for personal and commercial use. The 100% free designation is used only when the font author uploads their own work, and choses that licensing designation. No fonts on DaFont have the 100% Free designation, unless the font author has specified that as the licensing term, or documentation by the author has explicitly stated that the font is free for all use.

Just use it, and credit the designer somewhere in the commercial use, if you want to acknowledge the type source.

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