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Need Help finding HP Font from HP website

23/04/2013 a las 11:59

Hello there,

can someone please help me to find out what Font this is?
It is used on the HP website
I searched through the Internet but wasn't able to find anything.

Thank you!

Need Help finding HP Font from HP website

Fuente identificada

HP Simplified  Sugerido por rocamaco 

23/04/2013 a las 12:06

They are custom fonts designed by Dalton Maag for Hewlett Packard: 'HP Simplified' and 'HP Simplified Bold'...
Fuente identificada: HP Simplified

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23/04/2013 a las 12:19

Oh okay... but thank you a lot!!!
Is there any Font that comes close to this one and is free?
I think this font is so very pretty!

23/04/2013 a las 12:22

You will find similar ones here...

23/04/2013 a las 12:24

23/04/2013 a las 12:32

23/04/2013 a las 12:45


23/04/2013 a las 12:46


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23/04/2013 a las 12:55

@rocamaco how did you get that?

23/04/2013 a las 12:56

23/04/2013 a las 13:04

whatever. thanks for the help!

23/04/2013 a las 13:07

14/01/2014 a las 16:35

en esta pagina esta el archivo para descargar la fuente

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Fuente sugerida: HP Simplified
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

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