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Need Help finding HP Font from HP website

23/04/2013 a las 11:59

Hello there,

can someone please help me to find out what Font this is?
It is used on the HP website
I searched through the Internet but wasn't able to find anything.

Thank you!

Need Help finding HP Font from HP website

Fuente identificada

HP Simplified   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)

23/04/2013 a las 12:06

They are custom fonts designed by Dalton Maag for Hewlett Packard: 'HP Simplified' and 'HP Simplified Bold'...
Fuente identificada: HP Simplified

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23/04/2013 a las 12:19

Oh okay... but thank you a lot!!!
Is there any Font that comes close to this one and is free?
I think this font is so very pretty!

23/04/2013 a las 12:22

You will find similar ones here...

23/04/2013 a las 12:24

23/04/2013 a las 12:32

23/04/2013 a las 12:45


23/04/2013 a las 12:46


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23/04/2013 a las 12:55

@rocamaco how did you get that?

23/04/2013 a las 12:56

23/04/2013 a las 13:04

whatever. thanks for the help!

23/04/2013 a las 13:07

14/01/2014 a las 16:35

en esta pagina esta el archivo para descargar la fuente

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Fuente sugerida: HP Simplified
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

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