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Quelle est cette police d'écriture SVP?

22/04/2013 a las 19:11

C'est cele que Mico C, le DJ utilise pour son logo...

Quelle est cette police d'écriture SVP?

Fuente identificada

Kabel Bold   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)

Fuentes sugeridas

Lovelo   Sugerido por matnza   (ver el post)
Mouser   Sugerido por koeiekat   (ver el post)

22/04/2013 a las 21:32

I'd tell it could be a font called "LOVELO", but the "M" it's different, so this post will stay as a suggestion.
Fuente sugerida: Lovelo

23/04/2013 a las 10:04

Thank you matnza !!

23/04/2013 a las 11:51

Is a modified Kabel. One that comes close is the Mouser.
Fuente sugerida: Mouser

23/04/2013 a las 11:56

Or simply 'ITC Kabel Bold', with a "W" rotated for the "M" and all cut to the same baseline...
Fuente identificada: Kabel Bold

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23/04/2013 a las 12:06


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