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looking for similar font like "Mein Schiff"

07/09/2010 a las 07:45

looking for similar font like "Mein Schiff"

Fuentes sugeridas

Pushkin   Sugerido por neuroman   (ver el post)
Jane Austen   Sugerido por besim13   (ver el post)

07/09/2010 a las 16:13

Yep, i've seen that one before...

better look at not so elongated letters:

07/09/2010 a las 18:35

The font your looking for is called "Jane Austen"
Fuente sugerida: Jane Austen

07/09/2010 a las 19:09

Thanks mate, that fits.

06/10/2010 a las 00:04

Fuente sugerida: Pushkin

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