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Blasterball 2 Deluxe Font

20/03/2013 a las 14:17

This font is from Blasterball 2 Deluxe from WildTangent and

Blasterball 2 Deluxe Font

Fuentes sugeridas

Bebas Neue  Sugerido por szymonxoxo 
Univers  Sugerido por millner 

20/03/2013 a las 14:24

The most similar one I found is Univers Condensed, but some letters are different (for example the "?").
Fuente sugerida: Univers

21/03/2013 a las 17:35

Fuente sugerida: Bebas Neue

30/05/2013 a las 10:53

The font was the GUI font for Block Breaker 3 Unlimited from Gameloft.

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