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Can you identify this font please?

19/03/2013 a las 10:13

I know its not Avenir black. but very similar.. helppp

Can you identify this font please?

Fuente identificada

ITC Johnson Medium   Sugerido por Heron2001   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Gill Sans   Sugerido por cevpenguin   (ver el post)

19/03/2013 a las 15:21

Fuente identificada: ITC Johnson Medium

19/03/2013 a las 15:44

It's Gill Sans (Bold & Caps)
Fuente sugerida: Gill Sans

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19/03/2013 a las 17:20

cevpenguin - hello.

It isn't Gill Sans - please take a good look - the "R" is not correct - there was another post from the same person with more letters - it is definitely ITC Johnson - but most seem to have Gill Sans and it makes a good subsitute.

If you are curious - here is the other thread:

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19/03/2013 a las 18:13

@ajarvis1990: do you have something bigger or other image with other letters? Link to that web would be great.

19/03/2013 a las 22:42

Wow, I thought for sure that was Gills right away. Nice catch.

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