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Aaaand what font would this (these?) be?

09/03/2013 a las 13:52

Aaaand what font would this (these?) be?

Fuente identificada

Minion   Sugerido por millner   (ver el post)

09/03/2013 a las 19:35

Fuente identificada: Minion

09/03/2013 a las 19:55

link to that web?

09/03/2013 a las 21:34

10/03/2013 a las 00:53

drf_ ha dicho  (ver el post)

Confirmed Minion then

10/03/2013 a las 09:36

I hadn't even seen the previous answer, and didn't check if it was Minion on the website, I thought you wanted to suggest another font

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