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What's this Font?

03/09/2010 a las 22:28

I came across this font while searching for HD wallpapers and I completely fell in love with this font when I saw it. I never seen anything like it.
I would appreciate it so much if someone can find this font out for me. Many thanks in advance.
Image link taken from personal pb.

What's this Font?

Editado el 03/09/2010 a las 22:32 por JaVey

04/09/2010 a las 01:27

It looks like custom lettering to me. It would be difficult to connect an i or an o to the k in a font.

04/09/2010 a las 01:45

Hm... Thanks, metaphasebrothel.
If anyone else knows this font or something similar, please let me know. If it's difficult to read, it says "geek".

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