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A few fonts circa 1960's/70's

01/03/2013 a las 21:34

Does anyone know which font/fonts feature here?

A few fonts circa 1960's/70's

Fuente identificada

Mistral   Sugerido por SashiX   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Eurostile Extended #2   Sugerido por Tomás Silcher   (ver el post)

01/03/2013 a las 21:39

"Rush Pep Box"
Fuente identificada: Mistral

01/03/2013 a las 21:43

Fuente sugerida: Eurostile Extended #2

01/03/2013 a las 21:50

Wow, two down, two to go.


01/03/2013 a las 21:54

Are you interested too in "Musicians"?...

02/03/2013 a las 01:22

Nope, just the ones on the box thanks

03/03/2013 a las 14:05

Anyone know the others? "Watkins" and "wem" ?

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