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font identification

28/03/2011 a las 19:02

can anyone identify the font used for "like a girl"

p.s. this site ROCKS!!!

font identification

Fuentes identificadas

Champagne & Limousines  Sugerido por ITellYa 
Orial  Sugerido por ITellYa 

28/03/2011 a las 19:05

Bold, and then Bold that...
Fuente identificada: Champagne & Limousines

Editado el 28/03/2011 a las 19:05 por ITellYa

28/03/2011 a las 19:11

Thank you! You are SO Awesome!!!

I've been a member for like 10 minutes, and I already love this website!

28/03/2011 a las 19:16

Well, this is a great site, with great fonts.

The other font in the image is also from here:
Fuente identificada: Orial

28/03/2011 a las 19:27

Yay! I love it! Thanks again!

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