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What font is this? PLEASE HELP!

28/03/2011 a las 02:31

So, this has really been bugging me because i cannot seem to find this font, or at least even the name of it, like it's just idk. It really be cool to finally figure this out, so if you could help out, it'd be amazing!

I provided a good example, but here are some more links to prove it is a font: (Ayden James)

What font is this? PLEASE HELP!

Editado el 28/03/2011 a las 02:40 por xdarianx

Fuente identificada

Tfu Tfu  Sugerido por rocamaco 

28/03/2011 a las 03:37

Fuente identificada: Tfu Tfu

28/03/2011 a las 04:13

Thanks so much!

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