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My files keep downloading as a .zip

06/02/2013 a las 05:10

I want to add new fonts to my photoshop (i did it before a year or so ago) and cant remember how. Whenever I go to download one from here I click Download>save as>desktop. and then when I go to add it to my fonts it says it wont work cuz its the wrong file. (zip)
What am i doing wrong?
(I use firefox but also tried it in internet explorer)

06/02/2013 a las 05:21

All fonts are zipped to make the files smaller and ultimately the download faster. Before you can install the font, you need to unzip it.
Unzip the font(s) to a folder on your hard drive, but not directly into the c:windows/fonts folder. Preferrably create a new folder for this purpose. Once unzipped, you need to install the fonts.

06/02/2013 a las 05:23

I am not even given a chance to unzip it

06/02/2013 a las 09:13

Better and more reliable than the Bible, all the answers are here :

06/02/2013 a las 09:48

drf_ ha dicho  
Better and more reliable than the Bible

06/02/2013 a las 09:51

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