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Need Help

05/02/2013 a las 06:08

Need help identifying the two fonts in this logo.
Please and Thank You.

Need Help

Fuentes identificadas

Brush Script   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)
Bauer Bodoni Roman   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)

05/02/2013 a las 06:10

Fuente identificada: Brush Script

05/02/2013 a las 06:18

Fuente identificada: Bauer Bodoni Roman

05/02/2013 a las 06:21

thanks Rocamaco, I don't seem do find the variant that puts there letters close together like it is. for the Bodoni font.

05/02/2013 a las 06:23

Look at the apostrophe, that make me think about they manually changed the spacing / kerning and added a little of weight to all...

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05/02/2013 a las 06:31


05/02/2013 a las 06:59

Would anyone be able to match the apostrophe?

05/02/2013 a las 07:31

The apostrophe matches, you only must change the tracking...

05/02/2013 a las 07:35

that's what i get from downloading the font from the wrong site, getting it from here where you linked me, now. lol

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