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29/08/2010 a las 08:12

I'm trying to start my own clothing line and I need the name of this font in order to print. I've looked all over this website and I can't find this font for the life of me. Please help.


Fuente identificada

Ginga  Sugerido por koeiekat 

29/08/2010 a las 09:36

This is The URW Polonaise superimposed on a thinner version of itself and some inkspots added to make the whole thing as messy as possible.

Editado el 29/08/2010 a las 10:34 por koeiekat

29/08/2010 a las 10:08

Here you are, the Ginga.
Fuente identificada: Ginga

30/08/2010 a las 02:51

you're a freaking life saver

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