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Looking for three fonts

30/01/2013 a las 22:00

Hey, I'm looking for the (first) 3 fonts used in this picture (I know that "Elephantshoe" is written in Georgia font).
I'd appreciate it very much if someone could identify some or all of these for me.
Thanks in advance. =)

Looking for three fonts

Fuentes identificadas

Onyx  Sugerido por fmontpetit 
Goudy Handtooled  Sugerido por fmontpetit 
Commercial Script  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

30/01/2013 a las 22:01

Fuente identificada: Onyx

30/01/2013 a las 22:02

Fuente identificada: Goudy Handtooled

30/01/2013 a las 22:03

Wow, so fast! Amazing, thanks a lot! =)

30/01/2013 a las 22:03

Fuente identificada: Commercial Script

30/01/2013 a las 22:04

I'm pretty overwhelmed!! =D Thanks a million!

30/01/2013 a las 22:04

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