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The Beatitudes (powerpoint) Font

10/01/2013 a las 02:00

I found this font by just snooping around and I really am taken with it. I have run it through all kinds of font identification sites and it hasn't come up!
Any help is greatly appreciated

The Beatitudes (powerpoint) Font

Fuente sugerida

Odette   Sugerido por fonatica   (ver el post)

10/01/2013 a las 02:30

Looks like Odette (Caps and "A" alternate)
Fuente sugerida: Odette

10/01/2013 a las 03:17

Quite similar indeed. Maybe that font is a little bit older than Odette (2004)?

10/01/2013 a las 03:19

Odette is a revitalization of Morris Fuller Benton's Announcement Roman, designed for American Type Founders in 1917...

The others are Friendly and Society Page NF...

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