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Cursive font? UPDATED w/ LINK!

28/12/2012 a las 03:52


The text is from this webpage:
It is used in the bottom text and in the heading "Simplicity"

Cursive font? UPDATED w/ LINK!

Editado el 28/12/2012 a las 07:16 por queenissac

Fuente identificada

Mercury Script  Sugerido por pantextual 

28/12/2012 a las 05:11

link to that web, please

28/12/2012 a las 07:16

28/12/2012 a las 11:16

Mercury Script Bold, with alternate characters.
Fuente identificada: Mercury Script

28/12/2012 a las 20:14

29/12/2012 a las 09:06

thanks! you font gurus are friggin brilliant.

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