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I wonder....

20/12/2012 a las 21:47

I just saw this pretty new font, and wonder if anyone know if this can be bought?
And if so, will it have the letters Ă ě ┼?
It's so sad that so many pretty fonts don't have Ă ě ┼.

I wonder....

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Fuentes identificadas

I'm fashionista!  Sugerido por frd 
Making Lettering Tall  Sugerido por fmontpetit 
Marmellata Jam  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

20/12/2012 a las 21:55

I see more than one font here. If you're talking about the third one, here it is.

Complete set here :
Fuente identificada: I'm fashionista!

20/12/2012 a las 21:56

They want you to subscribe to their newsletter in order to get the fonts for free. In the meantime Dafont has the demo version but it doesn't include the glyphs you want.
Fuente identificada: Making Lettering Tall

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20/12/2012 a las 21:58

Lol, I hadn't even realized he took the picture from the font page here

20/12/2012 a las 22:00

I know the fonts are free
I just wondered if it could be bought anywhere with the letters Ă ě ┼ included

20/12/2012 a las 22:02

I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I really like that font that says "Your Christmas Gift Is Ready"....anyone know that font? Thanks!

20/12/2012 a las 22:07

Again, from fontscafe.

(Demo version, doesn't include puctuation)
Fuente identificada: Marmellata Jam

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20/12/2012 a las 22:10

Sweet..Thanks a lot!

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