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What is this font ?

17/12/2012 a las 18:42

What is this font ?

Fuente identificada

Frutiger   Sugerido por Heron2001   (ver el post)

17/12/2012 a las 18:45

Bold and light
Fuente identificada: Frutiger

17/12/2012 a las 18:46

17/12/2012 a las 18:49

loguz ha dicho  (ver el post)

It does not exist as a free download?

17/12/2012 a las 18:51

Frutiger est une police commerciale. On doit payer .

17/12/2012 a las 19:02

17/12/2012 a las 19:05

fmontpetit ha dicho  (ver el post)
Frutiger est une police commerciale. On doit payer .

Trčs bien merci

17/12/2012 a las 19:07

Hi Loguz.

I am not a Mrs.

And I think the "look please" is for the original poster... hey, they could've looked first...

17/12/2012 a las 19:37


17/12/2012 a las 21:02

I'm sorry too - I did not mean to sound so harsh... it was a "tough" divorce... and I'm happy and proud to be single. I don't use anything in front of the Jackie... it's just me!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

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