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Identify please

17/12/2012 a las 17:48

Identify please

Fuentes identificadas

Nova Solid  Sugerido por Heron2001 
Jenna Sue  Sugerido por Heron2001 

17/12/2012 a las 17:52

Fuente identificada: Nova Solid

17/12/2012 a las 17:54

Jackie! You're back!

17/12/2012 a las 17:54

Fuente identificada: Jenna Sue

17/12/2012 a las 17:55

ohhh did you miss me?

I spent one week helping my father move from one old age home to another - and then my sweet sister, who was with me, treated us to a week on a cruise in the Caribbean. It sounds great - but ummmm - very lonely.

Hey - I did get a date for New Year's Eve!!! Wahooooooo.....

17/12/2012 a las 17:59

Of course we missed you!

17/12/2012 a las 18:15

Gee, I can feel the

17/12/2012 a las 18:27

Hey, thank you very much!!

17/12/2012 a las 18:30

Está muito bem-vindo, obrigado por nos deixar conversar em seu segmento sem reclamar. Feliz Natal.

17/12/2012 a las 18:34

Hey, Jackie, I missed you too! I was wondering where you were.

17/12/2012 a las 18:36

Thank you

17/12/2012 a las 22:13

Huso horario CEST. Ahora son las 07:12

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