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24/11/2012 a las 11:02

I had this font before and lost it when my comp crash. I can't remember the name of this font for the life of me.


Fuente identificada

Veneer   Sugerido por SashiX   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Hotel Coral Essex   Sugerido por Kakers88   (ver el post)

25/11/2012 a las 03:53

Fuente identificada: Veneer

26/11/2012 a las 00:43

Thanks, isn't there another version of this font cause I know I didn't purchase it.

26/11/2012 a las 03:31

Do you remember where you get it from? 'Coz there are plenty of webs with "free", commercial fonts. Maybe you've downloaded it illegally

26/11/2012 a las 03:56

No I have no idea where, it had a differences from this font so it wasn't an illegal download. I lost all my fonts when my computer crashed so I'm starting all over.

26/11/2012 a las 04:04

Don't know then. Check this for similar fonts

05/12/2012 a las 20:27

Found it! Yay! lol
Fuente sugerida: Hotel Coral Essex

05/12/2012 a las 20:30

Thanks for sharing it with us!

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