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What font is this?

14/11/2012 a las 22:41

I'm trying to establish what fonts have been used on this homepage please. Thanks :-)

What font is this?

Fuentes identificadas

Cooper Black   Sugerido por font studio four   (ver el post)
Hobo   Sugerido por SashiX   (ver el post)

14/11/2012 a las 22:55

lol Dozen of fonts there, could you be more specific? Quote a word/phrase or something.

14/11/2012 a las 23:38

Thanks, the heading Possible Challenges, all the headings underneath that ie Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Foods for Health (I think the font may be a web font Iodine)?
Need to know the fonts used in the headings THE SCIENTIST, THE FREE THINKER, YOU.
The font used for SO WHO IS INVOLVED
The font used for "explore these, then tell us what YOU think"
The heading The GREAT NZ Science PROJECT (not sure if this is an image)?
Thanks! :-)

15/11/2012 a las 00:59

Fuente identificada: Cooper Black

15/11/2012 a las 02:02

"Science" (from title/header)
Fuente identificada: Hobo

15/11/2012 a las 09:05

Thanks very much for your assistance!

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