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Mistero Font name?Please =(

01/03/2011 a las 12:25

Mistero Font name?Please =(

Fuentes identificadas

Mason Serif   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)
Morpheus   Sugerido por Paul Hibbert   (ver el post)
L’Elf Noir du Mal   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)
Mutlu Ornamental   Sugerido por maffo1989   (ver el post)

01/03/2011 a las 12:36

Looks like "Mason Serif" ( "M" and "E" ) and "O" a dingbat probably...
Fuente identificada: Mason Serif

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01/03/2011 a las 12:44

Thanks Rocamaco =)

02/03/2011 a las 14:04

There are at least 4 different fonts here:
- Mason Serif for the M,e,r as Rocamaco said, although the M is Mason Alternate
- Morpheus for the i,t
- Astrology 1 for the o
The only thing I can't find is the s - It's possible its from an alternate of some font but if I was doing it I'd customise it
Fuente identificada: Morpheus

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02/03/2011 a las 14:20

Thanks for detail =)

03/03/2011 a las 11:24

"S" and "R"...
Fuente identificada: L’Elf Noir du Mal

03/03/2014 a las 15:31

Fuente identificada: Mutlu Ornamental

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