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vmk font (s)

28/02/2011 a las 07:43

the first one is easy. the next one is probably not a font (if it is please tell me) but the 3rd one, it looks like Sketch Block, but a bit different. any ideas?

vmk font (s)

Fuentes identificadas

FFF Tusj   Sugerido por AAAAAAAA.H   (ver el post)
Clementine Sketch   Sugerido por Channyne   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

karabine.font   Sugerido por grafitik   (ver el post)

28/02/2011 a las 07:59

Hi, the last one is FFF Tusj, not sure about the other two sorry
Fuente identificada: FFF Tusj

28/02/2011 a las 08:04

very - Garamond
mary - Clementine Sketch
Fuente identificada: Clementine Sketch

Editado el 28/02/2011 a las 08:06 por Channyne

28/02/2011 a las 08:06

Yes, mary is clementine
Fuente sugerida: Clementine
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

28/02/2011 a las 09:36

"kate" is Karabine
Fuente sugerida: karabine.font

28/02/2011 a las 09:49

lolol thnx guys

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