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Whats The Name Of This Font?

05/11/2012 a las 21:48

Hello, I would like to make some invitation cards for my little sister Bday Party and it´s inspired on The Hansel Y Gretel Movie, so I would like to use this font to writte her name in the front side of the card.

Hope you can help me.

Whats The Name Of This Font?

Fuente identificada

Magic School   Sugerido por pilaster   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Parry Hotter   Sugerido por Myotis   (ver el post)

05/11/2012 a las 21:56

Fuente sugerida: Parry Hotter

Editado el 05/11/2012 a las 21:59 por Myotis

05/11/2012 a las 23:45

thank u very much!

06/11/2012 a las 12:50

I think this is actually…
Fuente identificada: Magic School

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