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Which font?

10/10/2012 a las 18:36

Could someone help me figure out the font used here. Thanks!

Which font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Frutiger   Sugerido por Heron2001   (ver el post)
Myriad Pro Bold   Sugerido por wnf   (ver el post)

10/10/2012 a las 18:50

I believe it is Frutiger 75 - Black you have there

But there is a font on Dafont that is close called Doris
Fuente sugerida: Frutiger

Editado el 10/10/2012 a las 19:00 por drf_

10/10/2012 a las 18:53

Thanks Heron! Doris is pretty close, I'll just expand it a little!

10/10/2012 a las 18:57

You are welcome.

11/10/2012 a las 14:55

Fuente sugerida: Myriad Pro Bold

11/10/2012 a las 15:14

wnf - Myriad was based on Frutiger - however there are some very distinctive differences - in the case of the sample - check out the 'i' - Myriad has a dot - while Frutiger has the square - same as the sample.

11/10/2012 a las 15:18

Thank you for the information.

11/10/2012 a las 15:27

you're most welcome - hope you are having a nice day...

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