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Game Grumps Font

03/10/2012 a las 10:10

Game Grumps Font

Fuentes identificadas

Comic Strip  Sugerido por fmontpetit 
BD Cartoon Shout  Sugerido por DMName 

03/10/2012 a las 19:35

Fuente identificada: Comic Strip

01/12/2012 a las 14:04

Fuente identificada: BD Cartoon Shout

01/12/2012 a las 14:10

Same font?

30/05/2013 a las 17:56

Not to necropost, but BD Cartoon Shout seems to be the winner here. Very similar fonts, but the most noticeable indicator is the extra tail from the chin of the capital G in the former suggestion.

07/07/2014 a las 04:48

Whoops. I was wrong. I agree with the above post.

Editado el 07/07/2014 a las 04:52 por zeaga

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