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19/02/2011 a las 17:34

Does anyone know what this font from font is? Also, there are little asterisk/star things on the side of the site (image: that look like they could possibly be part of a dingbats fonts. Anyone know what is or something similar? Thanks! Font

Fuentes identificadas

Pointy   Sugerido por Rodolphe   (ver el post)
Pointy Solid   Sugerido por Rodolphe   (ver el post)

19/02/2011 a las 17:38

Fuente sugerida: Green Piloww
  (Mala respuesta)

19/02/2011 a las 17:39

Fuente identificada: Pointy

19/02/2011 a las 17:44

Wow, that was fast! Thanks muchly!

20/02/2011 a las 08:30

But I was probably drunk or something for the 1st one, it's not Green Piloww but:
Fuente identificada: Pointy Solid

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