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Ke$ha/Kesha Warrior album Cover Font

19/09/2012 a las 23:59

What is this font? if this font is available for free i would HIGHLY appreciate it. thanks!

Ke$ha/Kesha Warrior album Cover Font

Fuente identificada

Ke$ha   Sugerido por CrS J.   (ver el post)

Fuentes sugeridas

Geist Knt   Sugerido por ivantenorio   (ver el post)
Warrior Nation   Sugerido por jordanedmonds   (ver el post)
Here Be Dubstep   Sugerido por SweetSweat   (ver el post)

21/09/2012 a las 23:16

is this a font? it looks sort of like skrillex i think...

21/09/2012 a las 23:18

Kesha is not a font, but Warrior looks like one...

21/09/2012 a las 23:19

ok...have any suggestions?

21/09/2012 a las 23:20

No...someone posted something like this recently and no one answered...sorry, someone is sure to know.

21/09/2012 a las 23:22

ok thanks.

22/09/2012 a las 11:41

Looks like
Fuente sugerida: Here Be Dubstep

05/10/2012 a las 13:18

It may not be exacly the same but looks similar!!!
Fuente sugerida: Warrior Nation

18/10/2012 a las 07:55

its this one but warrior cover is edited
Fuente sugerida: Geist Knt

24/11/2012 a las 16:11

I found PNG this font hera:
But name I don't know

26/06/2014 a las 00:32

Fuente identificada: Ke$ha

Editado el 26/06/2014 a las 00:36 por CrS J.

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