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Old Style Font ID

31/08/2012 a las 15:06

I know this is a pretty old-style font, I just cannot think of the name. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Old Style Font ID

Fuentes identificadas

Marcelle   Sugerido por daaams   (ver el post)
Black Beard   Sugerido por JMFDub   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Goudy Old Style Bold   Sugerido por Panda Grcae   (ver el post)

31/08/2012 a las 15:18

Bottled beers
Fuente identificada: Marcelle

31/08/2012 a las 15:22

Do you know the font type of the body copy? I already knew the headline was Marcelle Script. Sorry I did not specify.

31/08/2012 a las 15:33

It is very similar to Goudy Old Style's so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it!
Fuente sugerida: Goudy Old Style Bold

31/08/2012 a las 15:35

I actually just found it- You're right, it is similar to Goudy Old Style (which is what I've been using as placeholder), but it turns out to be...
Fuente identificada: Black Beard

31/08/2012 a las 15:45

Panda Grcae & JMFDub, is it too difficult to copy/paste links where you're supposed to ?

31/08/2012 a las 15:50

Some things never change

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