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Does Anyone Know What Fonts These Are?

21/08/2012 a las 03:15

I was wondering if anyone knew the fonts for "Girls" and "Generation".
Thank you ahead of time!

Does Anyone Know What Fonts These Are?

Editado el 21/08/2012 a las 03:16 por FanyFanyTiffany

Fuentes identificadas

Jane Austen  Sugerido por malvolio 
Capitals  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

21/08/2012 a las 04:06

Fuente identificada: Jane Austen

21/08/2012 a las 04:48

Thank you so much!
Does anyone else happen to know the font for "Girls"? ^O^

21/08/2012 a las 06:27

Girls - Capitals
Fuente identificada: Capitals

21/08/2012 a las 06:29

Thank you to you too! I really appreciate it!

21/08/2012 a las 20:43

Hey, it's my wallpaper!<3

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