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I am very new and need help

14/08/2012 a las 23:20

I recently discovered my new Typography obsession and just wanted to make sure I understood the licensing descriptions for the fonts on here. I also wanted to check to see how accurate that description is. If it says on the right hand side above the Download button Shareware, Free for Personal Use Only one would have to buy the license right? If it Free for Personal use does that mean I could use it for something like personal invitations? Can someone clarify Donationware for me? And I'm assuming Public Domain means anyone can use to for personal or commercial use but want to double check! Same goes for something listed as Free? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am loving this art form I just discovered - clearly late to the party!

15/08/2012 a las 01:32

PERSONAL USE: personal party invitaions, lost pet signs, stickers for yourself, etc.
COMMERCIAL: logo design for a different company, using the font to make money, etc.

15/08/2012 a las 09:55

You pretty much got it. Always double check with any text file that might come with the font to make sure about licensing. Some authors always put more information there.

Malvolio, you forgot "birthday card for your mom" in the personal use section

15/08/2012 a las 20:30

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