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Name this font

08/06/2010 a las 20:56

Anyone know what this font (Bella) is?


Name this font

Editado el 05/09/2010 a las 10:10 por Rodolphe

Fuente identificada

LD Adornment  Sugerido por koeiekat 

09/06/2010 a las 12:48

ella is the LD Adornment. Written as ELlA.
Fuente identificada: LD Adornment

10/06/2010 a las 03:34

Thanks so much - you're good. Any idea what the B is?

10/06/2010 a las 16:11

Alas, no. Probably home-made with the help of - probably, most probably - the B of the University-Roman-Normal. That 'famous' MIKE version is the one that does the trick. Throw in some ornament, scribble some lines and done. But why would you want a thingie like that when there are so many beautifully made initials available?

10/06/2010 a las 16:45

Any suggestions on already made initials that have a similar feel?

10/06/2010 a las 17:31

10/06/2010 a las 23:50

Similar? You mean a basic B with some ornaments? Have a look at these: Spring/Aesthetic, Ibsen, Incunitials/Lime Glory Caps, Kingdom Come, the letter M of Ornamental Initials B.
But maybe one like the Burgoyne Initials would suit the Adornment better?

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