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Trying to find font similar to Plaza?

17/07/2012 a las 15:09

Anyone have any idea what this font is?
The curl on the bottom right stroke of the R and the curve on the bottom of the E, as well as the cross stroke of the A being extended to the left are all proving very difficult to find.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Trying to find font similar to Plaza?

Fuente identificada

Copasetic   Sugerido por koeiekat   (ver el post)

17/07/2012 a las 15:28

Lives under many names. One here on Dafont is the Copasetic, which is not the perfect match though. The acute on the E for example.
Fuente identificada: Copasetic

Editado el 17/07/2012 a las 15:29 por koeiekat

17/07/2012 a las 15:38

Koeiekat you are an absolute scholar.
Thank you.
Although I take your point about the accent, it is certainly near enough for jazz as they say.
May your camels never run dry in the middle of the dessert!

17/07/2012 a las 15:42

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