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How do i make a font look distressed and worn away?

09/07/2012 a las 04:26

Im making a band logo and was wondering, how do i make the logo scratched up!

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22/07/2012 a las 13:50

You can also use Illustrator, just replace the word 'photoshop' with 'illustrator' in Daaams'... helpful.. link.

Photoshop will make all your band merchandise look pixelated IF you don't create it at a high resolution, Illustrator will be smooth when you enlarge and such. You'll need to learn a bit about either program if you decide to follow through with destroying fonts otherwise you should refer to existing grunge fonts if the learning curve takes too long.

22/07/2012 a las 15:19

Andrew2 ha dicho  
You can also use Illustrator,

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