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What font is this?

25/06/2012 a las 23:07

What font is I was to meet you? Not enchanted Thanks

What font is this?

Fuentes identificadas

The Only Exception  Sugerido por MiloticStarShiny 
Love Ya Like A Sister  Sugerido por Rodolphe 

Fuente sugerida

NealCurieSH  Sugerido por itzzmekathlynne 

02/07/2012 a las 07:09

I have this font already so I know =))) But I forgot where did I downloaded it.. Sorry :(
Fuente sugerida: NealCurieSH

02/07/2012 a las 10:01

07/07/2012 a las 22:02

Fuente identificada: The Only Exception

07/07/2012 a las 22:10

Fuente identificada: Love Ya Like A Sister

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