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Please Help!!!

20/06/2012 a las 21:05

What is the font for "LFA" and the bottom text "Livingston Farmers Association"

Please Help!!!

Fuente identificada

Usherwood   Sugerido por pilaster   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Garamond Bold Italic   Sugerido por pilaster   (ver el post)

20/06/2012 a las 21:43

Livingston Farmers Association
Garamond Bold italic (slight horizontal scaling)?
Fuente sugerida: Garamond Bold Italic

20/06/2012 a las 21:56

LFA looks like Usherwood
Fuente identificada: Usherwood

20/06/2012 a las 22:59

Thank you so much.

Is there a font similar to Usherwood because I don't have it and don't plan to buy it :(

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