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A little worried...

15/06/2012 a las 02:02

Has anyone seen the head honcho around here lately? Usually there are font updates and information up daily, but it's been several days now without any updates. Is everything okay? ... :S

15/06/2012 a las 08:50

Usualy, the updates of the fonts are not daily.

15/06/2012 a las 17:22

I have to agree with you, Jaynz! Although I'm relatively new here so I don't really have a clue when the updates are supposed to happen. It has been a bit over a week since last, correct?

15/06/2012 a las 18:26

Take it easy, but it just 7 days from the last update. By the other hand he updates the fonts almost every day when he is here.

I don't know where is he, but it's the first time in a lot of months he is not over the site where he works hard every single day.

I think you have to be more comprehensive, every human being deserves a vacation.

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15/06/2012 a las 22:47

Thank you, "rocamaco"

I just had a little problem with my computer that didn't want to work with me anymore, but now it's ok he works again

16/06/2012 a las 05:13

Glad to know it wasn't anything serious!

(And, yeah, I wasn't worried about my updates, just that you had been gone for a week with no word. :P )

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