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can anyone help me with the font or any way out, I'm a Big fan of, it never let me down. Its great to have such site.

04/06/2012 a las 05:15

i need a font in which i can get the alphabet "c" with a bar over it, which means "with" in medical term. i.e. C letter with a bar on it.

04/06/2012 a las 09:17

Do you mean a C Macron ? (Sorry, link in French, no page in English on Wikipedia)

04/06/2012 a las 09:27

yaa, exactly the same. thanks but how can i use it ... i hv to type it in Photoshop so i hv to get the font.

04/06/2012 a las 09:52

Then I'm not sure it's a c macron, especially since you're talking about a medical term. Maybe you have an example of this c in use ? The best would be a link to a website, or a .pdf file, anything.

04/06/2012 a las 10:09

Well thanks a lot for ur concern. Take care. God Bless you

04/06/2012 a las 11:10

How do you intend to use this? Only as an image (Photoshop) and or only for printing yourself or as a text document for word processing or a pdf that can also be used by others?

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Please use capitals and proper punctuation. Makes your writing less a puzzle.

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04/06/2012 a las 11:15

actually, i have a hobby of making funny pictures and putting funny quotes and i make it in photoshop, i do use text in it in the end saying my name .i.e. With Love (heart shape) K@p!lL (kapil i.e. my name).so i dont want to write "with" the whole word i want to write "c with a dash" so it will be more creative ... that way ...

04/06/2012 a las 12:03

Didn't I mumble something about using capitals and proper punctuation?

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