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Bunheads Font?

21/05/2012 a las 06:04

Bunheads Font?

Fuente identificada

Murray Hill   Sugerido por SashiX   (ver el post)

Fuentes sugeridas

Murphy Script   Sugerido por togali   (ver el post)
Tabitha   Sugerido por SparklingFonts   (ver el post)
Billabong   Sugerido por SparklingFonts   (ver el post)

21/05/2012 a las 19:37

The B is different. But I'm sure this is the font.
Fuente sugerida: Tabitha

21/05/2012 a las 19:49

Fuente identificada: Murray Hill

21/05/2012 a las 19:52

Maybe its Billabong. The B is identical.
Fuente sugerida: Billabong

21/05/2012 a las 20:30

@SashiX : some letters seem to be different to me, don't you think ?

21/05/2012 a las 20:43

Agreed, "n" and "h" are slightly modified. Diff font? Maybe, but I still think that it's a modified Murray

21/05/2012 a las 21:17

Yes, Murray is definitely part of it, maybe it's another font for "n" and "h", or maybe some alternates from another foundry ? Everything is possible

22/05/2012 a las 00:47

B more likely to be Murphy Script
Fuente sugerida: Murphy Script

22/05/2012 a las 00:53

Murray and Murphy Script are definitely, but I agree that it was modified. All of the letters are right except the "n" and "h"

25/02/2013 a las 09:37

It's Murray Hill font
Fuente sugerida: Murray Hill
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