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Help with finding this font

16/01/2011 a las 04:07

I need to find the font of the word DRAGON in this picture, so I can have matching Reg. Numbers made up!!!

Help with finding this font

Fuente identificada

Alexis  Sugerido por tophy52 

Fuentes sugeridas

Planret Opti  Sugerido por tophy52 
Pepsi  Sugerido por tophy52 

16/01/2011 a las 14:58

Try with
Fuente identificada: Alexis

16/01/2011 a las 15:02

or Pepsi,
they have nicer numbers
Fuente sugerida: Pepsi

16/01/2011 a las 15:03

Fuente sugerida: Planret Opti

16/01/2011 a las 20:35

Thanks tophy52!!! The Alexis Font is perfect!!!

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