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15/01/2011 a las 16:23

WHO KNOW THE NAMES of the two sources to tell me PLEASE HELP ME!


Fuentes identificadas

Janet, Regular   Sugerido por deds   (ver el post)
911 Porscha   Sugerido por deds   (ver el post)

15/01/2011 a las 16:49

I think concept is hand-drawn...

18/01/2011 a las 09:41

Hello MANOEL 158, ITellYa,
for "concepT", manually modified ?
Fuente identificada: Janet, Regular

18/01/2011 a las 09:44

Fuente identificada: 911 Porscha

18/01/2011 a las 16:26

deds ha dicho  (ver el post)
Hello MANOEL 158, ITellYa,
for "concepT", manually modified ?

Janet, Regular

Yeh Deds, you're probably right with that, although they did quite some modifications...

19/01/2011 a las 15:09

No, they just enlarged it at 220% !
Except for the 'o' which amazingly doens't come from Janet and really i wonder why they took another fot just for that letter!

19/01/2011 a las 16:14

Ah, that will be the reason I thought they did much modifications! Learned another thing, thx

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