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What is this font?

12/05/2012 a las 03:12

I really want to know what is this font...

What is this font?

Fuentes identificadas

Georgia  Sugerido por tjadav 
Geometric Slabserif 712  Sugerido por pilaster 

12/05/2012 a las 04:36

Which one?

12/05/2012 a las 04:40

SashiX ha dicho  
Which one?

If you know the both, great.

12/05/2012 a las 08:04

loving ==Georgia
Fuente identificada: Georgia

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12/05/2012 a las 15:52

jQuery and CSS
Geometric Slabserif 712?
Fuente identificada: Geometric Slabserif 712

12/05/2012 a las 18:14

Seems to me the same fonts...
Thanks guys.

12/05/2012 a las 19:07

You are most welcome.

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